How We Tripled Blog Traffic for a Client (And Felt Dumb for Not Doing it Sooner)

December 8th, 2017 by Joshua Loomis

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We want to share the lessons we’ve learned, so you can either avoid our mistakes or copy our successes.

Today, we’re starting with a straightforward technique for boosting blog traffic, improving your domain reputation, and warming up your leads.

Honestly, it’s something so simple we didn’t think it would be worth our time at first. And then we tried it and watched blog traffic increase 3X!

So what’s our magically secret?

We sent an email. Well, four emails really. One each week about a single blog article.

I’ll explain. First let’s go over what you’d need to copy our success.

Required Ingredients:

  • An email list (the bigger the better, though quality does count for something, can’t cook with trash no matter how much you have)
  • A high quality blog post each week (aim for at least 800 words, but 1,000+ is better)
  • A mass email tool (our favorite is Pardot, but there’s tons of options out there)

You’re probably putting the pieces together already.

Each week we wrote a single blog article of 1,000+ words based on a relevant topic (we’ll cover blog topic selection in a different article as it’s an art unto itself).

Then we sent a single email each week to all of our prospects about the blog post inviting them to read it. Nothing fancy. Just title, a photo, and 3 short paragraphs about the article. We also start each subject line with [Article] so people know exactly what they’re getting.

We saw an average open rate of 25% and saw a 3X increase in blog traffic. There was also an increase in our client’s domain reputation which helped increase open rates across the board for them.

Email Stats

Email Stats

Blog Traffic

Blog Traffic

Why does it work?

The ‘secret’ (such as it is) is taking the time to create good content and then sharing that content with as many people as possible in a simple manner.

Monthly newsletters can see similar success based on your audience, but by limiting each email to a single article it’s less overwhelming and keeps the reader focused.

Limiting it to one post/email a week also keeps the reader from being overwhelmed (and allows you to pour your energy into one excellent post each week instead of several “meh” ones).

Over time, readers learn to trust you more over the course of several reading several articles and then you can start reaching out to the most engaged readers more about your product/service. (You can consider re-targeting ads as well as other emails). They’ll be more receptive because they’re familiar with your company, have enjoyed your writing, and have built a level of trust with your emails.

With an email list and 4 blog articles each month, you have a chance to triple your blog traffic as well. It sounds like commonsense, but we weren’t doing it before, and we’re sure lots of others aren’t either.

Come back next week for our next blog post (or enter your email below if you’d like a single email from us each week with our most recent blog post 😉 )