How to Push Sales Reps to Use Salesforce More

February 2nd, 2018 by Joshua Loomis

I recently published a post on the fantastic SalesforceBen blog about how you can help sales sales reps use Salesforce more. I wanted to share it here as well in case any of felt it was relevant to you. You can read the first, little part below and the rest after the jump.

Sales reps take to Salesforce like cats to water. Kicking and screaming. But Salesforce is essential for running your business and keeping track of your data.

So how can you push reps into the Salesforce pool without making sure they don’t drown in the deep end?

With a careful mix of training, monitoring, and automated assistance, it’s possible to help even the most scared sales reps start to use Salesforce more.

1. Carefully Train Reps and Customize Salesforce

Before you can expect sales reps to use Salesforce, you have to make sure both reps and the CRM are ready for each other.

Before you even let your sales reps look at Salesforce, remove unused tabs and data fields and make sure everything has simple, commonsense names. And, make sure those names don’t overlap at all. I’ve had to deal with Deal_status, Deal_pipeline, and Deal_account_status in the past when working with a new company.

Once the commonsense steps are taken, make sure all information that’s unnecessary for the sales rep role is hidden and the most important info is front and center. Reps will be more likely to use Salesforce if their essential numbers/charts are front and center.

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