Get More Demos Off of Your Content (And Build a Top Priority Call List)

January 4th, 2018 by Joshua Loomis

So you’re creating great content! You’re even sending it out in a weekly email like we did to triple traffic for one of our clients (or monthly if that’s more your style).

And, given time, people are interacting with your content repeatedly, coming to trust you, and eventually signing up for a demo or a trial or whatever CTA you want your prospects to take. (For my sake, we’re going to pretend it’s a demo.)

But what if there was a faster way to get people on your demo page?

Well, guess what hypothetical question posed by my imaginary reader. There is.

Add a Schedule Demo Button to Your Emails

Is your email an HTML email? Add a second CTA button below your main CTA that prospects can click to go straight to your page to schedule a demo (or whatever action you like prospects to initially take to start the sales process).

You want this button to not be quite as shiny/immediate as the main button. It’s distracting if you have two shiny buttons, but you definitely want it to be distinctly there.

Because you know what happens when you put a button in an email? Especially a well-crafted, visually appealing email from a trusted company? People click it.

Hell, some people will click a button just cause it’s there.

Maybe they won’t click the first time, or the second, but after enjoying some of your weekly content that button will be waiting right there for them like an old friend ready to help them straight to your demo page. No running around your site required.

But Wait! There’s More!

So, it’s fantastic when someone clicks your demo button in an email and then schedules a demo on your page.

But some people will click the button and fail to schedule a demo. Maybe their computer dies. Maybe they have commitment issues. Maybe they panic and flee into the night having seen the ghost of their deceased business parter whose murder they secretly arranged.

Doesn’t matter.

Because they clicked the first button. Thankfully, you had the foresight to tell your email automation platform to add everyone who clicks that button to a list and cross reference that list with people who have scheduled demos.

Anyone who has clicked the button, but hasn’t scheduled a demo goes straight to the top of your sales team’s call list. They’re now highly qualified prospects and the most likely to schedule something during a call. (If you need any help setting this all up, we know some people who can help.)

And that’s it! With a couple tweaks, we’ve increased your demos for the month. Congratulations!